Wendy Bantam Studio Renovation

Have you ever wondered what an artist’s studio looks like? This is my studio. It was built in the late 1800s and was once used as a carraige house. When I first moved here and walked out to the carraige house, there was a bridle hanging on the wall, left from when the carraige house kept horses. There is still a turntable built in the floor which could once rotate the carraiges around to face the front sliding door so the horses could be hitched on.

After all these years working out here, I finally saved enough to fix it up a little. This week we prepared for work to get underway. Many people showed up to help move my collection of paintings to a safe location while the carpenters get to work.

In the meantime I am selling a collection of works from the studio.
I need to find homes for every single painting I’ve created over the years.

Here’s a link on my web page to find the paintings.

I am excited to see where the future will take us with this new space and I want to share the process of this! I will be offering classes, inviting artists for an open series on creativity, and I will be offering workshops on developing stories through the arts. I want you to visit the studio!
I’ll be able to have visitors and students in the studio~ Plan on being invited to celebrate with me!

Please look through the pages of Featured Works to see the paintings I am seeking homes for.

My Very Best,

Wendy Jane Bantam