New Lincoln Gallery

Have you ever been to an exhibition in a museum or gallery? Have you ever visited the studio of a working artist? Do you remember the experience?  I have opened an independent space for artists to exhibit and talk about their work. It is called The Outlook Project Gallery and is a collaboration with Turbine Flats. It is located at 2124 Y Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. The current exhibit is Thresholds: sculptures and paintings by Omaha artist, Bart Vargas.

Visiting artist studios brought me closer to an understanding of how things were created. Even better, the time spent in an artist’s studio put me in touch with the message the artist was trying to say. When I was in college at The University of Kansas, I studied performance art and painting. I went to classes hosted by visiting performance artist, Laurie Anderson. Laurie Anderson is a multi-media artist trained mainly in the violin, she became NASA’s first artist in residence and recently wrote and directed the film, “The Heart of a Dog”.  The film was animated, filmed, and scored by Anderson herself and was created in honor of her late husband, musician, Lou Reed.

Meeting Laurie Anderson  over the years I felt it was important to have a space where anything was possible for the artist and the audience. We have created this space for exploration in all forms of the arts.

First Friday, April 7th from 4:30-8pm you will be able to see the works of Bart Vargas, and hear the music of Ash Sharp. First Friday, May 5th the gallery will be open with live music and exhibition. There will be exhibitions scheduled throughout the year. We will post the schedule here in the blog.

In the meantime, you are invited April 7th to attend the amazing exhibit Thresholds: Bart Vargas!