Bantam uses music, writing, and the fine arts to help students develop visual storytelling. She partners teachers in science, math, and languages with writers, musicians, artists, and dancers to work with students of different learning styles. She helps students develop their own personal stories into visual forms. Students are taught tactile ways to tell their stories through public art works. By using alternative methods of teaching, she weaves contemporary art forms and brings new perspectives on art-making and communication. Bantam’s projects which include murals, street murals and garden spaces revitalize a connection between youth and their communities.

How it Works

  1. Wendy’s work with students spans a broad spectrum of ages from elementary to adult. She works with public schools, private schools, universities, and holds private classes. Often grants are available for public schools. Planning in advance is beneficial for setting a great cirriculum, collaborating with teachers schedules, and applying for grants.
  2. Wendy is a Teaching Artist in Residence with the Lied Center for Performing Arts and is also an Artist in the Schools and Communities with the Nebraska Arts Council. Applications are available through these websites, or Wendy can be hired independently as a visiting lecturer.
  3. Visiting residencies can be as long as a one lecture or up to two weeks for a full residency with the school. Private classes are ongoing. Wendy suggests you take one beginning class on creativity at her studio, and decide how far you would like to explore your creativity, and with what mediums. Wendy is a Master of Fine Art and can work with you in any medium from writing, photography,clay,illustration,and painting.
  4. Once classes have begun, you will learn how develop your skill as an artist, and learn to tell your own personal story through art. A basic cirriculum involves:
    • Readings in art, art history, and creativity
    • Writing exercises
    • Story boards and preliminary sketches
    • Final projects including finished art work, possible exhibition, and presentation.
  5. Finally, the finished project will be presented by the students to other classes for proof of learning, as a way to further the skill and knowledge to their peers and teachers.


Previous Teaching Engagements


  1. Thomas Telford Academy, Telford, England 2013
  2. Madison High School, Madison, Nebraska

  1. Abraham Darby Academy, Telford, England
  2. Dark Lane Elementary School, Broseley, England

  1. Madison High School, Madison, Nebraska
  2. Loveland Elementary School, Omaha, Nebraska
  3. Gering High School, Gering, Nebraska
  4. Hastings District School, Hastings, NE
  5. McCook High School, McCook, Nebraska
  6. Zeman Elementary School, Lincoln, NE
  7. Bryan High School, Lincoln, NE
  8. East High School, Lincoln, NE
  9. Lincoln High School, Lincoln, NE
  10. Bellevue University, Bellevue, NE
  11. Adjunct Professor of Art in Painting, University of Nebraska Omaha.

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