The Outlook Project was created by Bantam to provide scholarships, exhibitions, and exchange. The Outlook Project provides venue for artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers. The Outlook Project is an extension of WENDY JANE BANTAM OutLook Award which is distributed each year by THE UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION at The University of Nebraska. If you are a working artist seeking a venue for your work or you represent a non profit seeking support from artists contact Bantam through The Outlook Project to plan your educational event. The Outlook Project Fan Page can be found on Facebook.


How it Works


The Outlook Project chooses artists, locally and internationally, to exhibit their work at Fuse Coworking, a hub of Lincoln, Nebraska’s StartUp community.


Galvanized by collaboration, Bantam challenges artists with a 6 month deadline to create work for the venue,and team with a Nebraska organization to spotlight their mission. The artists learn independent professional growth through exhibition while philanthropically extending the public’s awareness of the chosen organization through education.


Bantam’s Outlook Project Award, distributed each year at The University of Nebraska~Lincoln to a student in the arts, benefits and honors chosen students in their thesis with an exhibition. The Outlook Project Exhibition is an extension of The Outlook Award.




  1. Jordan Scribner (Received Wendy Jane Bantam Outlook Award at University of Nebraska April 4th, 2014)
  2. Vonni Sparks-Docter (Received The Outlook Project Solo Exhibition September 2013. Benefited Lewis and Clark Center in Nebraska City, NE.)
  3. Nolan Tredway (Received The Outlook Project Solo Exhibtion July 2014. Benefited The Friendship Home, Lincoln, NE)
  4. Kristen Bailey (Received The Outlook Project Solo Exhibition March 2014. Benefited Lincoln Literacy, Lincoln, NE)

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