Bantam loves a good story, and her work is inspired by this. Therefore, Bantam’s work can be commissioned. She views commissions as an ideal way to collaborate creatively with designers and patrons and she has created work for every space imagined. She has been commissioned to create work as a set designer for the theatrical stage, exhibitions for museums, illustrated graphic novels,and paintings based on memories dreams, poems, and love stories. She has created work from 150′ long murals, to small and intimate rooms. She has created work for interior designers and patrons with wall painting, specialized textiles, hand painted and sculpted clay tile, and massive interior oil paintings for private collections.

How it Works

Hire Wendy to create work for your private collection. Commissions are based on meetings directly with the client. Commissions have been created for newlyweds, the birth of a newborn, wedding anniversaries, dreams, and stories the patron would like to see interpreted by the artist.

  1. Meeting with the artist over dinner or coffee to discuss your ideas, general outline, dimensions, and price.
  2. Wendy will create three preliminary black and white ink sketches to be presented at the next meeting. From these the client will choose their favorite composition and request any changes.
  3. Once the composition of the painting is approved by the artist and client, 1/3 down, non refundable down payment is made.
  4. Through this, a portion of the cost of supplies and time will be covered for the weeks during the creation of the painting.
  5. The final payment is due upon delivery of the painting.
  6. Call for celebration and a toast!

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