Happy~nearly~Valentine’s Day everyone!


When I think about Valentine’s Day:
The first thing I think about is love.
The second thing I think about are the shoe boxes our teachers had us decorate in my small town elementary school. We decorated the shoeboxes with glitter and paper and they became our *Valentine Mailbox. Then we all made a simple card to tell everyone we loved them. Equally. The third thing I think about is all the heartbreak! You know, people can actually die from that? Of course there’s nothing complicated about love, except people. People make a lot of things complicated by thinking too much. Since we’re all people, I thought I’d make Valentine’s Day fun for me. Fun for me involves making you something.


Every year I throw a *The Twisted Valentine Show. This year is no different!
The show opens online today!!
The party opens Friday the 13th. Yep. You heard it right!
Friday, February 13th from 6~9Pm at 5022 Old Cheney Road in Lincoln, Nebraska.
You’re all invited!


But I am getting ahead of myself. I was in the studio the other day, just like any other day, and there I have been working on sculptures.
I started to sculpt tiny tin hearts. They turned into tiny sculptures.
I always try to keep my supplies and life very simple. So I used what I had on hand:


Then I started thinking about my next favorite things besides Valentine Mailboxes!


So, inside each tin heart I’ve written a secret Valentine fortune poem. I made ten of them.
I will ship one Valentine Secret Fortune Heart to the first ten people who write to me.
You don’t have to say anything fancy or articulate.
Just say,”Hi”. And where you would like me to send your Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day. xo ~Wendy Jane